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Hi I'm Kim!

At Blue Daisy Dreamer, I love to help women (and the occasional man) find just the right decor piece to give their home that special touch. I also create personalized gifts so you can make your friends and family feel super special!

My style is crisp and yet a bit whimsical and flowing. While I mostly use new wood as a pallet, I LOVE to up-cycle and give new life to old abandoned things, such as, barn wood, buckets, mason jars, cabinet doors, books or anything that speaks to me!

There's nothing like family and home. This group of crazies is mine. Home should be a special place and I want to bless yours with that perfect piece of decor or provide you with a unique gift for someone else's home. Thank you for the opportunity!

Do you need something special? Reach out to me!

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