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Custom Engraved Handwritten Recipe on Cutting Board

Custom Engraved Handwritten Recipe on Cutting Board

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Create a cherished family heirloom with this engraved, handwritten recipe cutting board! It is my privilege to take your favorite recipe, from Grandma, Mom, or anyone, and laser engrave it into our high-quality cutting board. The perfect gift to remember a loved one and their special recipe!

Size: 11.5 x 7 inches. Other sizes available on request.


1. BOARD TYPE - Choose your board size and type from the drop-down menu. Add to cart and complete checkout.

2. PROVIDE RECIPE - Take a photo or scan of your recipe and send it to me at via email. Please reference your name and the order # in the subject line of the email.


- Place recipe on a well-lit, flat surface to take photo (in front of a window works great)
- Try to avoid casting shadows on recipe
- If writing is faded or not legible, make a photocopy of the recipe, then trace over the writing with dark ink
- Make sure picture or scan is clear, bright, and not blurry

We will do our BEST to work with your images. If the image is acceptable and we have no questions, we will NOT send a proof unless requested.